Understanding Gore Themed Films

Gore and slasher are subgenres of horror films. There are several other subgenres of horror films such as sects, vampires, demoniacs, splatter, to zombies. These subgenres have their own golden age. But you could say the horror movie has no death. The birth of a horror movie begins with the start of the history of cinema. The first film into the horror genre was made by Mellies in the 1890s. But the title of the father of the horror film itself is given to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Master of Suspense” whose works are still remembered today.

Gore’s film focuses on the visual aspect of bloody scenes. Gore films will show cruel and heartbreaking torture that produces a lot of blood. Meanwhile, the slasher is a horror film subgenre that emphasizes the process of slaughtering victims. There are certain standards that are generally used by slasher films such as victims who are mostly young, there are scenes of drug use and sexual activity, and are in isolated places. One Indonesian film that gives this kind of picture is Rumah Dara (2009).

Actually it’s rather difficult to separate the slasher subgenre from gore. Because where there is slaughtering activity, there is also blood flowing profusely. Another uniqueness of both the slasher and gore subgenres is the unusual deaths of victims. For example cut saws, use grass shears, or other non-conventional equipment. This is why the films are categorized as disturbing and aimed at adult audiences (R – Restricted).

If you look at history, the actual film gore/slasher is not a new subgenre. It’s been a long time since horror films aren’t only about ghosts or possession. One of the most disturbing horror films is Freaks (1932) whose appearance has been controversial. As a result of scenes that are considered too far, this film experiences all-out censorship. Now, the original version cannot be found anywhere. But that does not mean since then the film industry stopped producing disturbing gore/slasher films. It’s because they still make new films, and you can watch them on https://www.allmovie.com/search/all/gore