The Revenant: Bergenre Survival-Action Films

The Revenant is a survival-action genre film released on December 25, 2015, in the United States (US). Directed by Alejandro G.

Never imagined how it would feel to fight a bear. In addition to losing strength, losing too big. That is what Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) felt, a road guide to a group of expedition teams who were getting feathers to trade from Indian tribes in the 1820s. On the expedition, they were attacked by Indian tribes, making them run and hide. On the way home, Glass was then attacked by a Grizzly bear and severely injured his entire body, barely able to survive.

Captain Henry (Domhnall Gleeson) sees Glass’s condition which may no longer be saved anymore then gives the order to his crew to accompany Glass until he dies. The decision was taken because it was not possible to bring Glass when they themselves were trying to save themselves from the Indians. As a reward for keeping Glass to death, the voluntary person will be given a lot of money. The three volunteers are John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), Bridger (Will Poulter), and of course Glass’s son, Hawk (Forrest Goodluck).